PayPlus HRIS

PayPlus Technology for Your Business

PayPlus offers one of the most efficient and fully integrated HRIS solutions available on the market today. Our unique approach to solution development, broad offering of functions through a single application, and dynamic distribution model enables small and mid-market firms to:

  • Reduce cost
  • Engage employees
  • Create scalable infrastructure


The PayPlus Solution is an HRIS, payroll/tax service, benefits tool, employee portal, reporting system and much more. Delivered via the SAAS model, it is a single application with multiple functions, leveraging a single, all-inclusive database, governed by a user-defined, rules-based engine.

The Advantages of Pay Plus HRIS SAAS (Software As A Service) Model

SAAS is more than a reduction in the cost-of-ownership or cloud hosting services, it is an opportunity to improve processes, engage employees and extend infrastructure. This enables you to use your distributed workforce to drive operational efficiency and profitability, unencumbered with low-value administrative tasks. And more importantly, we offer high touch service to complement the technology.

Single Application, Single Data Set

Most offerings rely on integration to ensure disparate modules and applications connect to multiple data sets. The PayPlus solution, powered by ExponentHR, is a single application, leveraging a single data set supported by client-defined rules and organizational structure. With this unique approach, you enter data once to update every function and field. Based on the change, the user-defined rules can complete transactions and automatically initiate notifications to specific employees, update data flow to accounting and communicate changes to benefit carriers and other vendors. However, when data exchange is necessary, PayPlus delivers through automation and web services.

Leveraging the Data

The greatest benefit of single source data is the ability to provide live data access to all employees, managers and executives within your organization, enabling them to make critical business decisions on costs, activities and resources. In addition, a single application that handles activity cost allocation, time-reporting and expanded employee classifications ensures the flow of pre-mapped granular data cost to the General Ledger. Most importantly, a roles-based engine ensures “need to know” controls around all data, but allows for broadly distributed access. Your employees can access information when they need it, from anywhere, at any time.